Life Can Be Hard

Life can be hard. Sometimes it's easy to get sucked up into a world of self-doubt, hate and despair. Every form of media throws negativity in our face. Social media warriors link us to biased blog post after biased blog post that force personal or political agendas. Scare tactics are used to divert our attention and to keep us in a constant state of uncertainty. You can’t even escape it walking down the street with the local crazy bible basher telling you that you are going to hell because God hates children's laughter after Good Friday!


But let's be honest... It's not all the bad. We still have puppies, we have that fresh smell when it rains on a humid day, and we have avocados (or bacon... Or bacon wrapped avocado.) We have people who make us laugh, we have people who let us touch their butts, we have good books and movies, we have the cold side of the pillow and most importantly we have this article being all preachy and annoying, trying to make everyone feel better and touch more butts.