Wake the Dead Coffee

Wake the Dead Coffee

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The Abandon Ship X Dear Green WAKE THE DEAD

PAST DATE - COFFE ROASTED ON 9/7/20 and best used with in 6 weeks (20/8/20) 

We’ve tried it and it still tastes great!!!


A blend of 40% Brazil Fazenda Pantano and 60% Guatemala Santa Marta Beans

"A full bodied heady blend of Guatemalan Santa Marta (60%) coffee and rich naturally processed Brazilian Fazenda Pantano (40%) giving a syrupy texture, candy sweetness, bold Bourbon Biscuit chocolate flavours and a super juicy fruity finish!”

(Available as whole beans or ground for cafetiere)

All coffee is roasted to order and ships out second week of June.

Recommended Shelf life of 6 weeks from Roasting


I fucking love coffee. I drink 3 cups a day. Black as Satan intended, but if you like milk/oat m*lk or other such things then thats cool too, no judgement.

Coffee got me through my hectic early 20's of partying all night then going to work each day (those were the days of large vanilla lattes with an extra shot and a shot of espresso on the side) over the years my tastes improved and refined, although I do still enjoy a cheap cup of absolute garbage instant coffee that tastes like cigarettes and is heaped so high it is like rocket fuel. While operating a coffee shop I became a coffee snob and refined my taste and palette, then after leaving I simplified my tastes and found my love for coffee remained after removing all the bells and whistles. It is safe to say coffee has been a constant in my life since my late teens and throughout Abandon Ship. So to make my own coffee has always a dream. 

As with most of my dreams I decided to make it a reality by working together with long time friends, Dear Green. 

Dear Green are Coffee Roasters based in Glasgow who started at the same time as Abandon Ship and were neighbours of the brand in the East End of the city during our early years. They sold me my first coffee machine, gave me my barista training and over the years we have watched them become a powerhouse in the coffee world. As well as being ethical and sustainable they are passionate coffee lovers and educators who have created an incredible brand making the best coffee. I am a customer of theirs and drink their coffee daily. 

So, of course it made sense to work with the people who helped fuel my coffee shop ambition, showed me the complexities of the flavours and now fuel my creativity daily (I am in fact drinking a cup of coffee while I write this). The conversation to create started in a pre-lockdown world and originally I was going to head to their HQ and document the making of the blend and everything that went with it. Unfortunately that was not to be. But thanks to technology we were able to talk through the concept and I was able to explain what kind of blend I was looking to create. Then with some covert street coffee handovers in the Southside of Glasgow I had three sample bags in my possession. None were labelled (so I wouldn't be swayed) so I blind tested the 3 coffee blends over 3 days to decide on our final blend,  Brazil Fazenda Pantano and Guatemala Santa Marta. It is a blend I am so happy with and is the exact kind of coffee I would drink daily. 

I hope you all enjoy this blend. It was created through passion and prepared with years of knowledge of ethically sourcing and roasting beans. 

TLDR? - Man likes coffee so made some. 


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