Abandon Ship Bar, the culmination of lifestyle and honest narrative and exceptional service and product.

Opening its doors in Dundee in December 2018, the bar was like nothing the city had seen before - offering a wide range of pun-tastic cocktails, beers, and speciality drinks the likes of which had never touched the lips of locals. The establishment quickly became a city-wide favourite and a pilgrimage for die hard fans who literally want to drink in the atmosphere of the Abandon Ship brand.

Alongside the perfectly crafted drinks menu is our Americana inspired food. Quick, simple, deep fried and tasty. The perfect recipe for soaking up drinks and soothing the soul.With meat and vegan options available throughout most of the menu, we cater to all needs without losing focus on what’s important: making food that makes you groan “holy shit, that’s good!”.

Beyond the food and drink, our bar has so much to offer. As you take in the Steen Jones artwork of a huge ship stretching across the front of the building, even before you walk through the doors you can tell this bar is different.

You enter to a sensory overload, with a bespoke Mandala floor by Tom Gilmour and a host of custom- built arcade machines. But what really catches your eye, is the 70 square meters of hand drawn art across the landscape of the bar, and our unmissable mantra - not everything sucks behind the bar. And as you sit down, you think to yourself - No. It really doesn’t.