After almost a decade of Abandon Ship it is safe to say the brand and its owner Richard have become intertwined and sometimes it is hard to know where the brand ends and he begins. If you know Abandon Ship you are probably aware of its lanky awkward owner. Richard is the Creative Director of the brand and the main source of art. He still runs the social media and creates the bulk of the content and drives the business forward. The edges have blurred as most of his hobbies, passions and obsessions have ended up featuring at some point in the brands history.

He is addicted to coffee so we released a coffee collaboration, he is obsessed with cooking so he wrote a cookbook, he enjoys a drink so we released whisky glasses and hipflasks... I think you get the point.

His mind set and ideals are at the centre of the brand and after living and breathing the brand for almost a decade it is hard to imagine the brand without him or him without the brand.

His main contribution however is the art. Over the last few years he has created over 95% of the art for the brand. And he is prolific! Releasing hundreds of designs and constantly creating new concepts. He even championed the preorder system so that a newly created design could be released and sold within minutes of completion.

Beyond Abandon Ship Richard has created wall murals across the world for businesses and customers and worked with numerous high profile brands as a creative under the name Abandon Ship Art.


Check out more of Richards art work at or follow him personally at