In 2020 during lockdown we wrote a cookbook. The most unnecessary and niche cookbook the world did not need. The Lonely Luchador. An illustrated vegan Mexican cookbook.

The concept of this book is to be a rough and fun guide to making our own versions of the bastardised British/ American “Mexican” food we all know with easy to find ingredients that you should be able to get anywhere and make decent food without stress. These recipes are all based on our casual love of cooking and years messing around with each dish. We are not professionals in any way. Some of you may read the instructions and scream into the pages of this book at the stupidity. All we can attest to is that we love every dish in this book and they haven’t killed anyone yet.

Exact measurements are out the window, serving options too. This is a journey we are taking together. Mexican food for the most part can be sloppy and messy, a combination of flavours and tastes and just a lot of fun. You’ll find recipes that will cure hangovers, wow dates and make you lick the plate (all from personal experience.)

Support dumb ideas and pick up a copy of our book today in either physical or digital format!