Let’s be frank: the bottom has fallen out of the Fashion Retail Industry. Shit is bad out there. A climate of constant sale and “fast fashion” at cheap prices has affected the value of goods. We’re all after a bargain and have become slaves to mass produced fashion (amongst other things) and the end result of this will be the growth of the larger, faceless brands and the deaths of small independents creating something with love and passion.
Unfortunately, at Abandon Ship become victims of this trend in 2015. We have constantly had to battle against large competitors to be a relevant retailer; slashing our prices and offering constant offers to clear stock and maintain cash flow to sustain our team and keep the business moving forward. It massively affected how our customers and we view the brand.
This ends in 2016. From January we will no longer be partaking in sale. We will be streamlining our business and going back to basics. Focusing on limited edition, well curated collections, customer interaction at events / in our own stores and rewarding customers who support us. We will not be going into sale a single time during 2016. I know we’ve said this before, and we held out for four months of 2015 without going into sale, but eventually we had to give in: not this time though. We’ve spent a long time working hard to restructure the business so we can stay true to our beliefs without compromising. The aim of this is to reestablish a respect between brand and customers, no longer will you buy something to find it in the sale a week later.
Hopefully customers will appreciate the love that goes into our collections and support us rather than faceless fast fashion businesses.