Dundee has always been a part of Abandon Ship, the hometown of creator Richard Davies and his Business Partner Colin Petrie, it has always had a special place in our hearts. 
In 2014 we opened our first store in Dundee; Hard Grind Barber Shop. The original concept was to offer a destination store near the city centre, on Exchange Street, offering Cuts Clothing and Coffee. The barbering aspect expanded massively and has become a force to be reckoned with in the barbering industry.
In 2016 we opened our new warehouse facility in Dundee, moving the whole operation from Glasgow back to our hometown, with a bigger space purposely built for large scale global shipping in a sustainable environment.
Late 2017 saw the opening of our first Abandon Ship flagship store since 2015. Opening its doors directly across from Hard Grind on Exchange Street. We built it within weeks and on a tiny budget. The aim was to create a pop up space over the Christmas period to aid the brands marketing and offer our local customers a stylised home of the brand. Within weeks we knew that we had create something special and that it needed to become a permanent fixture in the city.
Early 2018 opportunity knocked. The unit beside Hard Grind became available and we jumped at the chance. We took over the space and transformed it into Daily Grind; a modern coffee bar and permanent home to Abandon Ship Apparel and Hard Grind Apparel in the city. 
The space incorporates an island coffee bar in the centre of the store, 60 square meters of artwork, seating with power points to relax and work from and a dedicated team on hand to serve and help all customers. 
With the opening of the store we were able to finally realise the full potential of our destination shopping concept; offering everything under one roof that we ourselves would want to enjoy. 
Next we decided to add something different to the street. Utilising the old Abandon Ship retail space across from the newly opened Daily Grind we created the concept Oh Hello Vintage with blogger (and Richards wife) Honey Pop Kisses. The idea was to create a striking destination store offering lifestyle brands and vintage clothing in Dundee and holding events and workshops. The aim is to add to the cultural community of the city and to engage a new customer base. 


The next step for us is opening our own bar in Dundee and bringing the night life, drinks and food to the city that we think it needs! Working with an amazing team we hope to open in November 2018 ready to bring in the new year! Be sure to keep up to date with the developments. 

We are dedicated to creating a sustainable neighbourhood in Dundee focusing on independent business, art and culture. Fuelled by passion we aim to carve out a destination that will bring people to our city so we can show them what we love. 


Thank You

Abandon Ship