Hail Satan T-Shirt Azure
Hail Satan T-Shirt Azure

Hail Satan T-Shirt Azure

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T-Shirts have been at the centre of the Abandon Ship story since 2011, at heart we are and always will be a t-shirt brand.

With this in mind, let me introduce ALMOST DEAD. A range of apparel that we’ve created using surplus, dead stock garments with no home and up-cycled them with classic Abandon Ship prints and detailing.

For our first collection we’ve secured 1000's of high quality T-Shirts that would have ultimately ended up in a landfill through no fault of their own. We have given them a new lease of life and pulled them back from “death”. To highlight this, the designs we’ve utilised are all either positive or satirical with dark slogans that come from a positive place. Easily identifiable and wearable.

This means we are able to offer a value product by actually reducing wastage at the source. It is not perfect. However, we hope to grow this concept and show our peers there are ways to be innovative in the industry and create opportunities to solve the frequent problems we face.

The goal of this collection is twofold. To offer our customers affordable and cool apparel while trying to reduce our environmental impact.

As a business we always strive to limit the amount of discount we offer on our mainline products. We believe in the quality and value of our products and constantly discounting them will eventually decrease the worth of our designs. This is a vicious cycle where businesses need to sell more to make enough money to function.

However, we also appreciate our customers want and deserve a cost effective option and that not everyone can afford to spend £30+ on products.

With our dead stock range we hope to offer a collection that is affordable but does not affect the value of the brand as a whole and reduces the harm fast fashion does to the environment. 

All items are designed, printed and detailed in Scotland and we continue to be proudly independent.

Richard is 6 foot 4 and wearing a size Medium.

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