White Essential Polo Shirt
White Essential Polo Shirt
White Essential Polo Shirt

White Essential Polo Shirt

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Essential Pullover Hood

We have completely redesigned our apparel this season.

After years, our Polo Shirt has returned. A homage to our youth wearing polo shirts out every weekend to clubs these are high quality products with stitched chest logo and nape and hem labels. With a slightly narrower chest and longer body to our t-shirts these still fit true to size, however they give the wearer a completely different look. 100% organic cotton.

All our new products are as sustainable as possible. We use organic cotton or recycled plastics that are eco-friendly and vegan. A fair living wage is paid to everyone every step of production.

All items are designed, printed and detailed in Scotland and we continued to be proudly independent.

Richard is 6 foot 4 and wearing a size Medium.
Ben is 5 foot 11 and wearing a size XL.

(They both wore these sizes in our old fit polos)

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